When you partner with Major Metals, you are assured to maximize the yield of your scrap metal program. Our services will uncover opportunities at each phase of your manufacturing process to produce the best returns for your business. We'll evaluate scrap size and form, delivery and pickup schedules, sorting process efficiency, fluid & oil recovery, and packaging & container efficiency.

Scrap Consulting:

Onsite Process Assessment
Complete Assessment Report

Sorting & Grading:

Metal Identification
The most accurate and current
    methods are used to maximize yield
    including electronic alloy identification,
    X-ray fluorescents, and traditional
    spark testing.


Index Based Pricing
Certified Scales
Prompt Payments

Scrap Management:

Scheduled Pickup and Delivery
Container Return Programs

Fluid Recycling:

Petroleum based fluids and
    high-value cutting fluids and
    lubricants are drained, filtered
    and returned for recycling.